Shifting paradigms in mining need innovative solutions

Due to a rapidly growing hunger for critical minerals, the environmental imperatives and evolving dynamics of technology, the mining industry globally, is in the midst of a transformative shift.

iCEM is helping GMDC and the larger mining industry understand, pilot and induct new innovative technologies so as to better align with evolving requirements.

Pioneering the path to a sustainable future of mining

Promoted by GMDC as a society and not for profit Trust, iCEM has a vision to be India’s leading institute for enabling sustainable mining. iCEM aims to catalyze growth of the mining sector, helping it become more efficient, safe and sustainable. Recognizing the global shift towards critical minerals, sustainable mining, net zero goal and digitalization, iCEM operates at the intersection of innovation, sustainability and collaboration.

identifying global advancements, fostering collaborations for technology development and rigorously testing innovations through pilot trials. By promoting research and skill development, iCEM aims to elevate the mining sector, championing responsible and efficient practices for a prosperous future in India and globally.

Focus Areas

  • Wastewater recovery
  • Biotech remediation to…
Earth And Environment
  • Coal/lignite gasification
  • Blue Hydrogen and…
  • Pumped Hydro energy storage…
  • AI and IoT deployment
  • Digitilisation and…

Climate Consciousness

Promoting new ways and technologies to help promote sustainable mining and the drive towards 'net zero'

Partners & Collaborators

iCEM leverages GMDC’s multidimensional mining expertise to partner with strong national as well as international institutions so that together, the best science and innovation can be harnessed for driving skill development as well as excellence in mining operations. Key partners include Texmin of IIT-ISM Dhanbad, Monash University, CIMFR, PDEU amongst others.